MEET HAYDEN”S RE-BICYCLING (Bike Recycling Program) Located at 12 Lindsay Court , Georgetown ON 

In Conjunction With The Bike Challenge We Talked About Yesterday! We Were Happy To Head To Hayden’s Re-Bicycling (Bike recycling program)And Learn More About Their Program and how they are giving back to Halton Hills! This amazing initiative was created by Hayden who in 2010 had his bike stolen. The community came forward and he received several replacement bikes and $200. He kept a bike for himself but decided to donate the other bikes to kids who needed them. He used the $200 to buy helmets and locks to go with them. From there This impressive organization was born! Its mission statement is:
“We believe every kid should have a bike”

This non-for profit organization takes old and donated bikes , fixes them and gives them out to members of our community.

They have given out about 1000 bikes and continue to help our community by getting kids involved in outdoor activity!

In addition to the bikes they also accept donations of non-perishable food for The Georgetown Bread Basket!!At Christmas they organize a drive to help the homeless. On June 26th they will host their second annual family bike event (stay tuned for more info!)

On behalf of Halton Hills we just want to say THANK YOU! To Hayden & Hayden’s Re-Bicycling (Bike recycling program) for giving back to our community. For more information or how to get involved check out their